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Client Name: Hunter Hotel Investment Conference
Client Industry: Event Management/Hospitality
Working Together Since: 2021
Services Provided: Website Design & Development
Special Features: Password-protected portal for attendees and sponsors

The Hunter Hotel Investment Conference (the HUNTER) is a prestigious annual hospitality event in Atlanta that welcomes over 1,500+ national and international guests. Hosted by Hunter Hotel Investment Group and the Cecil B. Day School of Hospitality at Georgia State University, the HUNTER is a three-day conference centered on networking opportunities and learning about industry trends.


HUNTER reached out to us looking for a website redesign to help the website transition better between pre- and post-event programming, and they were interested in custom programming to support individual logins for attendees. Keeping in mind the ever-changing situation with COVID-19, HUNTER’s vision for the attendee portal included a secure way for guests to upload their vaccination cards and a eco-friendly way for remote attendees to access the assets and materials provided by sponsors.

We focused our content strategy around highlighting the networking aspects of the event, organizing all of the conference details and creating the private content section for registered attendees. Once the sitemap and content were approved, we started designing the website using HUNTER’s current theme and colors. The design is a perfect balance of playful hospitality and modern professionalism.

The programming for the HUNTER site was unique. In addition to the publicly-available website, registered event attendees were given individual login credentials to access premium content like speaker bios, documents and files from sponsors and messages from other attendees. Additionally, sponsors were given limited CMS capabilities to add to their profiles and upload their premium access files. The marketing team can use the CMS to easily swap out event information, add speakers and sponsors and organize conference details. Overall, HUNTER’s new website is a an asset to their marketing team and a tremendous perk to sponsors and attendees.


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