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What We Do

We build custom web and mobile applications to optimize internal operations, create interactive experiences for target audiences, and more. Let us bring your idea to life.

How We Do It

Scope Out the System:
Unlike a traditional, informational website, applications focused on user interaction can have untold variables. We start with a discovery phase to better understand the pain points you want to alleviate or the interactions you want to create. With this information, we scope out the functionality and better define the project fee and timeline. 

Create the Experience:
With the scope and purpose defined, we write the content and determine the user paths through the application. Once approved, we design the visuals of the app and create all needed design assets. 

Launch the App:
We program the app and run it through multiple testing phases on various devices to ensure users will have the best experience. If it’s a mobile application, we handle the submission to the App Store and Google Play. On the backend, your team can handle content updates and exporting data from users through our custom content management system (CMS). 

Watch a demo of our CMS. (video)

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