Logo & Branding Design

What We Do

We work with new and established organizations to create logos and branding systems that are innovative and adaptable.

How We Do It

Ask Questions:
We want to better understand your brand’s history, your audience, your competitors, color preferences, design preferences, and future goals for your organization. Our goal is to make sure you stand out, appeal to your audience, and are poised for future growth. 

(visual with elements from our questionnaire - we could use DMRS or Zettai as an example)

Get Creative:
Using the insight from our meeting, our team explores ideas and develops concepts that incorporate your vision and convey the purpose and story of your brand.

(visual with elements from designs we’ve presented to client - use same brand as above)

Make Some Noise:
Once you select your favorite logo concept, we finalize the design and provide you with logo files in every imaginable format for print and digital use, in color and black and white. We put together a style guide with directions for proper logo use, fonts, and color formulas so you can share it with vendors and ensure consistency in all branded materials. 
 (visual with logo, style guide, mockups, etc. - same brand as above)

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