Print & Collateral Design

What We Do

We work with organizations to create memorable and effective marketing assets. We design everything from business cards and annual reports to labels and packaging to signage and banners.

How We Do It

Get the Details:
The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to choosing materials, colors, inks, shape, etc. We’ll discuss your goals and budget, the purpose of the print or collateral asset, how it will be used, who will receive it and the quantity you need. These factors allow us to plan the design and production to fit your vision and budget. 

(visual examples to show: JLEP annual report, Dispute packaging, GAL signage)

Create a Masterpiece:
Once we have the design direction established, we get to work creating. You get to review the design and provide feedback on the layout, colors, images, and content. We implement your changes and prepare the files for production. Finally, we coordinate everything with the production vendor and ensure the final product is delivered to you. 

Make a Connection:
With your branded print material or collateral you can introduce yourself with style, brighten a mailbox, update your stakeholders, or connect with potential clients. A banner that helps you stand out at a trade show, an annual report that recipients actually read, a brochure someone keeps instead of throwing away — that is the power of design done well. And that’s what you get when you work with Hello Amigo.

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