Does Hello Amigo work with clients outside of El Paso?
Yes! We have clients spread across the U.S. and have been successfully collaborating virtually for years.

Does Hello Amigo offer general design services?
Absolutely! We have a talented team of graphic designers with experience creating logos, print materials, ads, branded collateral, and more. You can learn more here.

Does Hello Amigo build apps?
Yes, we do! If you have an idea for an app, reach out to us. We can help you scope out the functionality of the app through a paid discovery process. You can learn more here.

Does Hello Amigo do campaigns?
Yes. We have experience with traditional media campaigns and digital advertising campaigns. We can help you determine the best option or combination with regard to your audience, budget, and timeline.

Does Hello Amigo only work with specific industries?
No. We believe quality webs, design, and advertising services are critical for all businesses and organizations. We have experience working clients in the education, healthcare, legal, nonprofit, government, political, small business, and construction/engineering industries.

Does Hello Amigo do SEO?
Yes. Search engine optimization (SEO) is both an integral part of the website development process —– using relevant keywords in the content, designing and programming a website that properly formats to any device, and using industry best practices when programming and tagging pages — and an ongoing process to keep your website performing optimally.

Does Hello Amigo take over existing websites?
No, we do not. Typically, if an existing website is unmanageable by the owner, it is not user-friendly enough to sustain and maintain. We can discuss options on a case-by-case basis, but the majority of cases require a new website.

What is a style guide?
A style guide is a formal document that provides guidelines on the proper way to use your identity and branding. It typically includes information about the proper colors and use for the identity and fonts used. Print and design vendors will ask for it when using your identity and branding to produce branded collateral.

What is a content management system?
A content management system (CMS) is a system that is integrated into a website allowing the website administrators to log in and update the content. Typically, the editable content includes bios for staff members, information about available services, hours of operation, etc.

Do you have additional questions not answered here? Reach out to us!